What a Difference a Lens Makes

'They say' that the best camera is the one you have on you and I'm lucky enough to now have a better camera set-up than the one I had on Friday.

For the last fourteen months, I've been using two lens whilst taking photos of watches I have in for review. Both are 50mm but they produce wildly different photographs and have to be used in wildly different ways. One is a standard Canon 50mm that I picked up new around three years ago and the other is a vintage 50mm M42 screw-mount for my Praktica MTL3. Neither of these lens were perfect for what I needed but I made do.  

The Canon was primarily for wrist shots and wider angles as it needed a good three feet to focus properly. The focus wasn't all that great up close but I managed to make do. The vintage 50mm, combined with an adaptor for my canon plus extension tubes of various lengths, got me my macro shots. This was an awfully time-consuming set-up because I'd need to change ISO, shutter speed and aperture everytime I changed between lens/tubes and I'd have to take countless photos and hope I could squint hard enough to get at least one in focus. 

Not anymore though.

After recently writing two pieces for a watch magazine (You'll hear about that soon, I promise) I was able to afford a Canon 100mm Macro f/2.8. I've only had the lens for a few days now but I'm already in love. Below are a few photos that I took with the lens over the weekend. No special lighting or set-up (Infact they were balanced at the end of my sofa), no faffing about changing the lens over or worrying whether they were in focus. They aren't high art but the amount of time I saved with this lens means the world to me.

It means I can focus (no pun intended) on better quality photos for the site.  It means I can take this camera out to jewelers and shows and get good photographs without wearing out the patience of those around me as they wait for me to swap lens. What this means for you, the reader, is that you should see the frequency and quality of my photographs improve and as my photos improve, it gives me a better leverge when I attempt to get more