This Week in Time: 30th January to 5th February

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It's all about the props. This cool shot from persco_ frames his mint Rolex no-date Submariner Ref. 14060M perfectly.  The 14060M was the last Rolex sport watch to have drilled lug holes, stamped end links and bracelet clasp and an aluminium bezel before it was replaced in 2010 by the 114060, finally retiring in 2012.  These features might seem dated to some, why would you want a watch with a bezel that can scratch? Because that is what the original had. It has perfect dial symmetry, looks great on a bracelet or one a canvas or leather strap. As a wise jedi master would might say "Beautiful, this watch is"


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SIHH 2016 is now firmly in the rear view mirror but this piece, the Vacheron Constantin Overseas Chronograph, is very much in my mind. It was probably my favorite "affordable" piece of the entire event and is so flexible. I'm not usually a fan of watches with proprietary lugs as you can't switch out the strap for your own but this watch comes with a bracelet, alligator strap and a rubber strap. At 150 metres water resistance this can be worn from the depths straight to a dinner party. Thanks to the WatchDuke for the photo.


32mm of compact military goodness. And are you kidding me with that lume patina? Available at

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This watch has got lugs for days. Military watches are cool, there can't be any denying that, and even those on the smaller side still pack a punch. This 32mm Bulova from thatwatch_guy might be about half the size of an IWC pilot's watch today but that doesn't mean you should ignore it. I love the hands that seem to be dragging the watch back several decades as they are seemingly more stylised that are usually found on military watches. It's currently available at right here at for $395. 


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Out of the current Rolex collection, the wackiest, weirdest and out there watch is the Milgauss. Just look at it. It's got a green colored crystal, a bright electric blue dial and a lightning bolt second hand! A lightning bolt second hand! I think this is the model that Rolex allows itself to go completely nuts on and I'm glad it exists. This is a stunning shot from sir_milgauss making excellent use of the larger Instagram image. Love it. 


It's big, it's chunky, it's got angles all other the place and it could be from the seventies. Of course I was going to love this watch. This Seiko Rally Driver is from goody2141 and I love it . Only whilst typing this did I realise that it has what appears to be a Japanese day wheel instead othe English. Ever since I showcased 10:25 Seiko 6139 with Arabic day date wheel I've been a sucker for foreign watches like that. It might be me exocitising distant lands but they are just so cool I can't help it. 


Did you know that Omega made chronographs that weren't the Speedmaster?! Omega's marketing team doesn't seem to think so but you, me and menwatching know better than that. This is an example of the Omega Seamaster "Soccer Time" and even though I'm not a sports fan, the Englishman inside me feels like I betray my country every time I call it "soccer" rather than football. Anyway, the reason its called the Soccer Time is because each of the two halves of the game are forty five minutes and this watch has an easy 45 minute register. I think these mid-seventies Omega Chronos are really cool, especially the use of so many colors on the dial, and I hope to have one eventually.


I must admit that when it comes to watches from Russia I got nothing. I know that Poljot is a company that has existed, I know that most of the USSR branded pieces are counterfeit but other than that I know zip. It's something I want to change because looking at how interesting this piece that calebcondie just picked up is, I seem to be missing out! World timers are awesome and like the Seik above, anything in a different language is an added bonus!