Marloe Watch Co. Kickstarter Launches


Last year I showcased the upcoming watch from new independent brand Marloe Watch Co. and today their Kickstarter campaign launched with the goal of making their first watch, the Cherwell, a reality. 

The funding goal of the Cherwell is $42,916 with a total of thirty  days to raise funds. There are plenty of pledge rewards ranging from the Super early Bird where  once you have pledged $129 you get a Cherwell, saving $170 off the retail price of the watch which will be $359. At the time or writing someone has already claimed one of the fifty early bird collections, where for $571 you receive all three versions of the watch.  For those who aren't aware of how Kickstarter works, the project must be fully backed by the closing day otherwise any money pledged will be returned to the backers. At the time of writing, the Kickstarter for the Cherwell has $24,038 raised (Even whilst writing this I've had to revise that number several times). (Update 1/26/2016 : The Kickstarter was successfully funded in 68 minutes).

There have been several projects on Kickstarter that aimed to fund wristwatches however whilst writing this I struggled to think of more than one or two, regardless of whether they succeeded or not. The only one that sprang to mind was the P-51 Automatic from REC Watches, a series of watches made from recycled parts of vintage Mustang cars. Whilst the designs of these two watches are world's apart, the common theme that links Marloe Watch Co. and REC is that both have a story to tell.

REC wanted to bring new life to thousands of abandoned cars scattered in junk yards and garages around the world. Marloe are trying to revitalize a lost connection between the wearer and their watch that they believe has been lost over the years. The choice of a manual wind Seagull ST3621 movement was no accident as Marloe Watch Co. hopes that by returning to the most traditional type of mechanical movement will bring a lost ritual back to new watch lovers today.

For those invested in collection vintage or current high-end watches, the concept of a manual wind is more common and your daily ritual probably involves winding several watches before bed. However outside the watch community bubble, the concept of a manual wind watch in 2016 is staggeringly refreshing. We have now come full circle as once where mechanical movements were surpassed by the ease of technology, now we are craving something more from our watches. We want life and energy on our wrist rather than a soulless black mirror. 

I was recently discussing Timepiece Chronicle with a friend and she wanted to know why I wrote about watches. I took off my watch to show her the sapphire case back and the movement beneath and her face lit up. She had no idea that watches were still made with gears, cogs and springs and that underneath the dial was a whole world teeming with life and energy. This is the kind of wonder and excitement that I expect Oliver and Gordon of Marloe Watch Co. will want the Cherwell to create in their backers. In the coming weeks I'm hoping to have some time with the Cherwell (Available in a black, white or gray dial) where I'll be able to delve deeper and wear in the steel what Marlow hopes to create.

For more information on the Cherwell by Marloe Watch Co. head either to or directly to the Kickstarter here.