Three Years On: My Zenith Dualtime

Zenith 2.JPG

Three years ago as I write this I bought my first Swiss watch. My first proper watch. My Zenith Captain Dualtime. 

I've bored enough of my friends and family with this story over the years so I guess it's time that I bore you too, dear reader. Way back In 2013, my wife and I agreed that I should get a watch to commemorate our engagement with me choosing a shortlist and my wife making the final decision. I can't remember all the watches that were on the list but I know it included an Omega Speedmaster Professional as my wife was (and still is) very fond of that watch. I'd looked around online and gone through the Watches of Switzerland several times and just by happenstance discovered Zenith. 

I can't remember when I first heard of Zenith. It might have been through osmosis working in jewelry and watches or perhaps I remember the name from the side of Felix Baumgartner's insane space jump.  After looking through their collection I knew I wanted the watch to have some sort of complication and I think the GMT spoke to me. For the majority of our relationship my wife and I were on seperate continents, her in North Carolina, USA and I in Brighton, England. I was always having to remember what time it was over there and the practicality of a second time zone display was much needed. 

We weren't intending to buy the watch for a few months but I ventured up to London anyway to visit Harrods to  have a look at it in person. As soon as I was turning the watch over in my hands I knew that this was the watch for me. In the cabinet next to my watch was the Christophe Colomb Tourbillon and I jokingly asked the salesperson if I could try it on. He allowed me to hold the watch very gently, making me promise not to move it off the tray whilst he took the Dualtime and scanned the barcode into the till. "I'm sorry Sir but this watch should be in our sale section. It's actually 50% off".

Zenith 8.JPG

Several phone calls and one bank transfer later I was coming home with my new watch. My first proper watch. I came home to our tiny Brighton flat and just sat on the floor in complete awe of the movement and of every detail on the dial. There are more expensive, more intricate, more rare watches in the world but I don't care. This is my watch, there are many like it but this one is mine. 

This is the watch I wore when I got married. This is watch I wore when I flew over to the United States to start living here (Also January 15th surprisingly, one year ago today!).  With any luck this will be the watch I'll be giving to my first child when I'm old and grey, memory hazy of how many years I've had it for exactly. The sapphire crystal will be as fresh as the day I bought it but by then the case will have even more scratches and dings than there are at the moment. Don't worry watch fans, I'll tell them not to have the case polished.