This Week in Time: 19th to 25th September


The 3075 movement in @thelovedfiancee 's root beer GMT.

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About a year ago I would have looked upon this horologyandtechnology photograph and it probably would have solidified my then dislike of Rolex. I can't quite put into words what I felt: partly feelings of market saturation, partly feelings of Rolex being a posers watch, partly indescribable brain mumblings. Needless to say my thoughts have now changed. Whilst I still like a certain degree of decoration on my watches, I am now just beginning to get vintage Rolex. This 3075 movement from thellovedfiancee's root beer Rolex GMT is spartan and there is no way of avoiding it but no-one should never confuse spartan with lack of detail. Similar to what I've said in the past about how a watch should be measured on it's own merits and not the brand, a movement shouldn't be judged on it's decoration. As Rolex don't currently offer sapphire crystal back on their sports watches then there isn't any need to decorate the movement so that time and energy can be spent in other areas. 


When I spoke with R.T. Custer of Vortic Watches a few months ago he spoke about how they had some really interesting one-offs that would soon make their way online. I didn't write about it then because I wanted to keep the element of surprise. This Lancaster 026 model uses a unique Hamilton as it's base and boy what a watch. The Hamilton has obviously seen its fair share of use throughout years with age spots on the darker portion of the dial but that truly adds to the character of the watch. The gracefully aging roman numerals match perfectly with the gold crown at 12 o'clock and that inner portion certainly goes with the 3D printed steel case. This is what makes Vortic watches such an exciting prospect, their ability to adapt and offer unique one-of-a-kind pieces that have their own story to tell. (Since writing this Vortic Watches have announced another one-off piece that can be seen here)


I'll be completely honest and say that currently my knowledge of Enicar watches is very limited. Very limited. There are so many brands out there, some still current and some lost to time so knowing absolutely everything is impossible (Not that I'll let that stop me). After seeing this gorgeous late 60s's chronograph GMT that aaroncynthia posted I just have to learn more. This Enicar is just so eye catching, this bright red anodized bezel ring compliments the chronograph second and minute hands and that checkered GMT hand is just so cool. It's not often you see a full 24 hour GMT bezel as most manufacturers just tend to go for every other number so it's certainly a nice addition to this piece. Oh and it's called a Jet Graph. Cool. Very cool. 


I know it was Speedy Tuesday but I just had to go with this stunning white gold Patek Philippe Ref. 3448 posted by whatmakesmetick. As explained the description, the 3448 was the world's first automatic perpetual calendar wristwatch and only 586 were made over two decades. I'll be honest and say that is an awful lot less than I actually thought there were, not that I thought collectors were tripping over them but wow. Only 586! This is pure elegance in wristwatch form, a beautiful dress watch that is both a treat for the eyes and for the brain when you consider the horological expertise that has gone into making it. This is a perfect example of what Patek Philippe do so well. 



Sometimes it's not all fun and games in the watch world as not everyone is a honest as we'd like them to be. Whilst at the gym chellamahbella took off her two-tone Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and by the time she realised it was missing it was too late. A watch is such a personal connection with shared experiences and stories to be told so having one stolen is never going to a pleasant experience. If you're in the London area and frequent Core Gyms please keep one eye on your watch so this unfortunate circumstance doesn't happen again. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on forums/eBay for anything resembling the watch and I'm sure lots of others in #watchfam will be to. 



A Japanese watch and a cigar from the Dominican Republic, who said that the watch community wasn't a broad church! Bull-head chronographs are so interesting and this Seiko from Watch_my_vices is not exception! On paper a day-date chronograph might seem cluttered but this piece has been designed so well as to have just the right amount of open space left on the dial. The TV shaped sub-dials compliment the case shape nicely and I really do like the vertical reading of the day-date. A simple change to the norm but one that is big enough to make a huge difference. This is the type of piece that I scour flea markets and garage sales for as the tide has definitely turned in Seiko's favor with pieces like these commanding high prices on eBay and other online retailers. The chance of spotting a $5 bargain is slim but that's what makes it such a rush!


Everyone is familiar with the "Pepsi Rolex" (Much to the irritation of Rolex I'm sure) but how about a Dr. Pepper Zodiac from watchmemoir? This very special piece belonging to adrienbelanger was presented to Mr. Edward Moore for outstanding ability in his role as Production Manager at a Dr. Pepper production plant in Jackson, Tennessee. For more detail about the history of this watch go check out the article over at, a website dedicated to the story behind the watch. Someone after my own heart obviously! I'm glad there is another person out there who knows that there is more to a watch than serial numbers and dial measurements. Along with Enicar, Zodiac is another brand that I want to learn much more about and this watch is a great place to start.