This Week in Time: Seven Watches in Seven Days


Bremont get a lot of stick in the wider watch community sometimes. Yes the "in house movement" debacle last year was a huge P.R. misstep but I feel that overall they are truly adding something fresh and interesting to the industry as a whole.  The work that Bremont do with various military units across the globe is so interesting and I encourage anyone to visit a Bremont boutique near them to see the wide array of military dials they have on display. This piece here is the KC-135 Military edition featuring the logo/profile of a Boeing Stratotanker prominently at 3 o'clock. It is fittingly only available to pilots, navigators or boom operators, active or retired. A quick Google search reveals a boom operator on an aircraft is responsible for maneuvering the boom full of fuel down from the tanker to the awaiting aircraft, all whilst flying. These "limited by profession" Bremonts I feel will become very collectible in the years to come especially with something as specialised as boom operator.

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Never let it be said that I just cover traditional watches here on Timepiece chronicle. As showcased on thehorophile, This unique Bell & Ross BR01 Skull Bronze Tourbillon is created solely for the Only Watch charity Auction and my oh my, it is....interesting. I struggle to think of a more ideal metal to use when creating a pirate watch other than bronze. Apart from the pristine gold skull and tourbillon within the skull shaped dial, this watch looks like it's spent the last few hundred years down in Davy Jones' Locker. It must be a gamble on the part of the lucky soon to be owner as who knows what the patina is going to look like in a several years. I like the smaller details on this piece as well, specifically the engraving on the skull adding a lot of depth and the ampersand on the tourbillon itself. 


Sometimes you need a big watch and this is probably by far my favourite, the IWC Big Pilot. I think it's a gorgeous watch despite it's rugged design; the larger bold hands contrasting against the black dial and the oversized crown that is both modern and vintage at the same time all work in the big Pilot's favor. The one criticism I would have of the watch is the strap, I have never been a big fan of thick leather straps and I don't care much for the two studs at twelve and six o'clock. I'm sure they serve a purpose in perhaps securing part of strap to itself but it's just not for me. Other than that it is a great watch!


OMEGA Speedmaster '57. For the next generation of adventurers.

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This year at Baselworld Omega released several new iterations of their classic Speedmaster line. Amongst those was the "new" Speedmaster '57 which had been updated by including the broad arrow hour hand that was lacking from the previous model. Not only that but now the super-luminova is now colored to look more like a vintage piece, a subtle eggshell rather than crisp white. Whilst some may have issue with modern watches trying to look old, I personally think this piece is stunning as you can clearly see here thanks to shrevecrumplow. Located in Boston and Greenwich, Shreve Crump and Low are America's oldest jeweler and will be number one stop for me whenever I make it up to Boston. 


Another contemporary Omega here that has taken it's design cues from an older model. This is the Omega "Spectre" Seamaster 300 Limited edition and boy it is pretty. Earlier in the year Omega announced their other limited edition piece associated with the upcoming James Bond film, a limited Seamaster Aquaterra with the coat of arms of the Bond family repeated on the dial. This is a far more subdued piece with the only explicit reference to 007 being the clasp. Fratello Watches took this stunning picture which really highlights the sunken hour markers on this piece. The addition of the alternate 12 hour bezel and lollypop second hand really bring this piece together. I could take or leave the NATO strap (watch heresy I know) but I have heard very very good things about the brushed stainless steel bracelet. 


I wrote briefly before about the slightly awkward first meeting I had with oakandoscar back in November last year. He showed me an early 3D print of what would become the Burnham which as of yesterday has started to ship. I think everyone has had an urge every now and then to create something and very few people have the conviction to follow through. Over the last year it's been truly fascinating following Chase on his endeavors through Instagram. This is a guy who spent a year finding the perfect leather to match the orange second hand, as well being the most comfortable and durable as possible. I especially love the "stonehenge effect" when the counterbalance of the second hand perfectly aligns with the Oak & Oscar logo. I wish all the luck in the world to Chase and everyone at Oak & Oscar, hopefully the launch party went well!


This photo from Audemars Piguet is a perfect example of why I could never be a watchmaker: Patience and a steady hand. Looking at a completed product it's easy to imagine doing it yourself as you don't see all the toil that has gone into creating it. I can't imagine trying to attach pieces of a movement that were thinner than a human hair. AP post one picture a week to their instagram  but that picture is always good. I'm honestly surprised that more luxury brands like AP aren't on social media with Rolex and Patek Philippe being the most obvious examples. I would have thought Rolex especially would want to have cracked down on the plethora of "ROLEX OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM PAGE LIKE LIKE 100% REAL BUY ONLINE NOW" pages that are floating around. 

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