This Week in Time: 19th to 25th December

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I'm not sure whether it is just my horizons being broadened or the landscape of the watch community changing over the past year but I feel there is so much more vocal appreciation for value props than there used to be. It might be because of sites like 10:25 Vintage, Theo & Harris, analog/shift that have carved out niches within their inventory for more affordable watches. This Hamilton chronograph worn by kingkords_ is a perfect example of a beautiful watch in near perfect condition that gets as much love despite reading Hamilton on the dial rather Rolex. . If you told me this was a modern reissue of a classic Hamilton I'd believe you  because it's so mint. 


To me the Rolex Sea-Dweller Ref.1665 Comex is the Rolex dive watch to own. There will be naysayers who think the it's the Big Crown, or the Double Red Sea-Dweller but for me it's this. Built and used for a distinct purpose, the 1655s represent a piece of Rolex history that I believe is now lost in their current collection. This 1st series Comex from silas815 is staggeringly good looking with just the right touches of wear on the bezel. The hour markers and hands have all got the perfect amount of patina to them and there isn't a blemish I can see on the dial. It's completely stunning in every way. For anyone wanting to read up on the development of the Rolex Sea-Dweller then click here!


Whilst it is the Tudor Black Bay Black that has gotten most of the attention this year from watch fans, I still prefer the black Pelagos. This regular/lume photograph from farlius is really cool and shows just how functional and visible the Pelagos is in low light conditions. I like the matt black bezel but for me the highlight of this piece goes to the "sunken" hour markers that really add depth to this dial. The fact that this is the older version without the COSC specification doesn't bother me at all seeing as now there aren't five lines of text cluttering up the dial! Easily the best Tudor tool watch in their collection.


There is just something about a fine vintage pocket watch that speaks to me and this military style Hamilton from buyingontime is no exception. Not every pocket watch has the same allore but the crisp clean dial paired with the amazing bezel finishing makes this one a winner. There was talk in the comments about pocket watch to wristwatch conversions and I tend to agree with what was being said. If it's still functioning then keep it as a pocket watch. These outdated keepers of time are little pieces of history that should be kept in original condition. If movement is beyond repair then perhaps turning to the guys at Vortic Watches is the best option to extend it's horological life for the next generation. 


I sometimes feel like #ThisWeekinTime is me saying every week that I don't know enough abotu a certain brand that I really should know more about. Parmigiani is one of those brands and this  piece with fascinating concertina hands is an excellent piece that stirs that part in my brain wanting to find out as much as I can. I couldn't tell you anything about the history of the brand but I do know that if more of their pieces are are varied and interesting as this then they are ok in my book. Thanks to Gregwatchman for this photograph. 


There are certain watches that are timeless to me regardless of when they were made. The Speedmaster, the GMT-Master, the Reverso and this. The Jaeger LeCoultre Master Moonphase. Completely simply and utterly delightful, this watch displays the time, day, date, month and moonphase with such understated elegance. I really like the traditional pointer dates that are found on these dress pieces. Put this watch in a time machine and travel back fifty years and no-one would bat an eye. Apart from the oddly dressed stranger talking about "hash tags" and "watch fams". Thanks to slim_robert for the great picture. 


Is it wrong to have chosen myself? Well ultimately it's my site so I get to bend the rules when I feel like it. Despite getting married last year, this was the first Christmas I spent in the same country as my wife, who bought me this Zenith as an engagement gift several years ago. When I hear people say that watches are just tools and you can't have an emotional connection to one I think of my Zenith. As my first Swiss watch this represents a lot to me ; it was the first big gift my wife got me, it was there on my wrist when I got married and so many other things. To all the Watch Fam reading this, I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas surrounded by friends and family. Only 356 sleeps before the next one.