This Week in Time: 7th to 13th November

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The first time I saw this watch I was working in retail and I knew from the moment I saw the bigger than usual protective cardboard box and the Omega reference number that it would be something special. Whilst I'm still not 100% convinced about the 007 hour marker I love the grooved dial that is meant to mimic the look of an Aston Martin front grill. There was a competition at work to see who could sell it first and it ended up being sold to a guy who came in looking for a Hugo Boss! Alas, I wasn't the one who sold it. Thanks to crudotaco for the watch and those Bond cufflinks. You may remember a comparison of  two Breguet numeral watches he posted a few weeks back?


This is one serious timepiece. Instruments seen on the dashboards of cars and planes are always cool especially when they look like this. This Breitling Wakmann dashboard clock from bernehorology is just amazing and a window into another time. Whilst today's digital readouts will be far more helpful to a pilot, they will always lack the charm and character that a traditional clock face has. If I got this I wouldn't even clean up the metal around the edges, just leave it dirty and untidy, mount it onto a piece of wood and have the world's best desk clock. 


The earliest Carrera, the latest Carrera.

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If you saw my article on Monday you will know that I have certain opinions about the new TAG Heuer Connected watch and this photo from Hodinkee perfectly encapsulates at least one of those opinions. The size of this thing is whopping 46.2mm which looks even bigger next to the original Carrera from 1969. Seeing this more candid photo I must admit that I like the modern case design they've gone for and it is good to hear pretty much all watch press say the watch feels solid and well made. Despite this I still can't see the justification of spending $1500 on a watch for only two years that will not hold it's value or last an eternity. 


Tropical. #riddenhardputawaywet #divewatch

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Jason Heaton is a man I greatly admire, not only for his great choice in watches but for his adventuring, his diving ability and his desire to continue to shoot film ( I shoot on 35mm on my Praktica MTL3  for my personal photography as well. #shootfilm). I hope Jason won't mind me saying that this Sportsways watch is beat up all to hell and is all the more beautiful because of it. It has everything going for it that you want in a vintage diver: tropical dial, patina on the hands and scratches ding dents and all sorts of damage through at it. No-one should want a vintage dive watch that is in pristine condition, you want it battered and bruised (yet still working) after years of faithful service. 


@blancpain1735 & @redbarcrew. Boom. #mynextwatch #dreaming

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Wow. The Blancpain Fifty Fathoms is one of my favorite watches from the company that is one of the oldest surviving watch manufactures and now finding out there is a chronograph model makes me weep for my empty wallet. What is there not to love about this watch photographed here by thebalancewheel? You've got those truly unique rectangular hands, some beautiful lugs and I've only just noticed whilst typing that adorable running seconds hand with the tiny lume dot. There will be some that prefer the simplicity of the time only Fifty Fathoms but there is something to be said about adding a little complication now and then. Didn't you feature thebalancewheel last week Ben I hear you say? Yes I did attentive reader and I'll do it next week if he keeps posting watches as good as this!


Strap choice - yea or nay? #universalgeneve #tricompax #bulangandsons #hodinkee

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If you've been reading Timepiece Chronicle for a while, you'll know that I really really love Universal Geneve. Yes I've been very partial to the odd seventies cushion case watch but sometimes there is no beating a Tri-Compax, especially one that looks as good as this. This watch from jhanloveswatches is simply to die for as everything about it is perfect. The patina on the hands, the bright red date pointer, the grump face on the full moon, it's all there. How someone managed to get int all these complications into a tiny case, design a movement that would fit and make it so beautiful I don't know. Out of all the watches I look at, this is one that consistently hits the top of my grail list. Maybe in a few years?Oh and don't worry jhanloveswatches, the strap choice is good :)