Announcement: I'm now a featured blogger over at

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I don't know about you but I prefer something that is custom made for a specific purpose. If I'm going to use an e-reader then I'm going to use a kindle, not an iPad. If I'm going hiking then I'll be wearing a pair of walking boots, not my brogues. Up until now there wasn't a watch social media site dedicated to watches. Sites like watchuseek and the r/watches forum on Reddit can be somewhat incomprehensible if you don't have the time or desire to learn how each different forum/page works and whilst Facebook and Instagram exist you've got to worry about getting onto the right hashtag (#Thisweekintime obviously) to see all the best content.

It is with very great pleasure to announce that I am one of the featured writers over at, a new watch focused social media site made by watch geeks for watch geeks. Among the people in charge are Kristian Haagen, Alexandar Rosenbaek (AKA Dailywatch on Instagram) and many other horological aficionados who know their watches and care very deeply about the world of horology. Please believe me when I say that sending in my test piece was quite a nerve wracking experience and seeing the company of writers I'm keeping on the site it's still quite intimidating. In a week's time it will be one year since I started Timepiece Chronicle so I'll be going into more detail soon about the last year and what I've got planned for the future but I'll say now that I didn't expect anything like this to be happening.

Timepiece Chronicle will still be my main focus with the majority of horological history, showcases and Inside & Out reviews being published here with my articles over at focusing more on opinion pieces and industry reactions. There will of course be times when these lines blur somewhat so expect a little bit of both on each sites over time. Over the next few days I'll be sharing some of my pieces that I've written for to give everyone a chance to see the type of writing I'll be doing. The first piece that I'll publish will be my test piece entitled "Steel & Imagination: The Desirability of the Tourbillon".