This Week in Time: 21st to 27th November


It might not be my favorite Gerald Genta design (That honor goes to the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak) or even my favorite Universal Geneve (That goes to the Tri-Compaxbut boy does the Polerouter look good no matter what. The guys at visionvintagewatches have a really beauty on display here with the gorgeous contrast between the tropical dial and vintage looking strap. The black center dial and silver ring combination is by far my favorite and this one has aged perfectly. If any generous readers want to buy me an early Christmas present that is significantly cheaper than other Genta designs then I'm very happy with this. 


So here is something that you don't see everyday, a Tavannes Fob. Awesome find! #tavannes #vintagewatch #fobwatch #alexwoodmansee

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As evidenced by my highlights of the Watches of Knightsbridge November auction, I like something that is unique and can tell a story. This Tavannes Fob watch from alexwoodmansee is probably one of the more unique pices I've seen online and I reckon there is an interesting story behind it as well. Not just a fob watch but a fob sunken into leather with a display back. I love old movements like this as without fail the have some of the most beautiful movements around. I'm not entirely sure when one could wear a piece like this though? I'm thinking at the race track with your top hat and tails?


  • I've said many times before that one of the great feelings I get when writing about watches is the sudden realization of just how little you know. I obviously knew that Mont Blanc made watches but I never knew they made movements like this. This Calibre 16.29 in the Montblanc Villeret is courtesy of jrwong23 and it is gorgeous. The curved levers combined with the subtle polishing on the gear train really evoke the feeling of this being "organic" and less mechanical in nature.  If you'd like to see what the dial side of this watch looks like then click here.


Other than the chronograph, I'd have to say that the most useful complication is that of the alarm. Mechanicals alarms on wristwatches are just so joyous to listen to, each has a different melody: a rattle, a whir or a chime.  This Paul Portinoux courtesy of killervintagewatches still whirs strongly after fifty years and the wavey alarm hand is really striking. Like with the resurgence of Seiko, I'm glad to see lesser known affordable vintage brands like Paul Portinoux being showcased today. Also top marks for a killer military Nato strap!


If you're not following watchfred then you're instagramming wrong. He is by far one of my favorites on the platform as he focuses solely on watches, usually three a day and they are always marvelous condition. Remember a few paragraphs above I said that the Universal Tri-Compax is my favorite Universal Geneve? Upon seeing this beauty how could I not pick this one? The dial on this piece is so crisp and clear, especially the day/moth wheels and the moonphase. It's simply stunning. If I'm able to find a piece like this for a reasonable price (when I have the money) I'll snap it up in an instant. 


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This Thursday was Thanksgiving and among the many things I'm thankful for, I would say that I'm honestly thankful for alushe909. It might seem strange to be thankful for a complete stranger but he's was the first to start using and constantly use #thisweekintime for weeks now when he posts his watches and as someone trying to make this a recurring "thing" it means a lot. So Alushe, thank you! This Thanksgiving he had on display a really interesting Ebel 911 that is completely different to the dress Ebel pieces I used to see come in for service whilst in retail. (I would be amiss whilst thanking people if I didn't mention a reader called Eduardo. He was the first person to email me for advise about watches. Hopefully I was able to help! Thanks Eduardo, it meant a lot!)


If you're into dial symmetry then a two dial-chronograph is for you. This 1972 Bulova 666ft Chrono is courtesy of frogman4me and it's a beauty. There isn't anything distracting on the dial and I think it's great. Simply, clean, efficient. I dread to think what kind of uncomfortable bracelet originally came with this piece so it's great to see a lovely leather NATO taking it's place. (Another reason why I need to get myself a tool watch!) For a watch over forty years old it looks like it sits quite large on the wrist despite the short sloped lugs which definitely works in it's favor.