This Week in Time : 14th to 20th November

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Another great from Salon Q. This @tudorwatch frozen in ice.

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Over the weekend there was the SalonQP Watch fair on in London with many of the watchfam traveling far and wide to visit. One of the highlights I saw repeatedly online was this Tudor North Flag which had been frozen in a block of ice. The video here from Harrishorology shows that not only the watch is definitely frozen in place but it's still working! Albeit at the very end of it's power reserve as you can clearly see displayed at 9 o'clock on the dial. Apparently it took two days for each block of ice to freeze completely which really is a testament to the durability of the Tudor. I know that some people have found the design of the North Flag polarising (no pun intended) but I think it's a very smart looking watch and easily the standout in terms of quality amongst the Tudor range.


As I'm sure everyone reading this will be aware, on Friday 13th November there was a terrorist attack in Paris leaving many French citizens dead. One of these people was the sister of watchmaker Emmanuel Dietrich. His words about a limited edition watch he is producing in memory of his sister Lucie say more than I ever could about what happened. 

Dear Friends and partners, dear watch community,

I never wanted to produce an OT-13. I have nothing against this number, but wanted to respect the sensitivities of all. However, things changed dramatically this past Friday the 13th as barbarians shot down my litle sister Lucie in the streets of Paris. I will produced a limited edition of 13 pieces in her memory. They will be uniquely for my family and close friends. I do not want to do business with out pain.

What I wish is for you to share - if you can - this image and message. At first I wasn't sure if I wanted to use the blue, white and red of the French flag. Because I do not feel pain just for France, but for all our brothers and sisters in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria and everyone around the world who has suffered through similar losses because of fanaticism. I finally decided to do so in honour of the value of the French republic I was educated with and hold so dearly: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. This is all we need today to make this world straight again and live together in peace. Thank you from all my heart for your support and compassion.

Kindly Yours,

Emmanuel Dietrich


It's odd to think that there was a time when department stores and outfitters were putting out quality watches rather than cheap tat. On the right of this picture from manjosch is a a Heuer Mareograph and on the left is an Abercrombie and Fitch Seafarer that was manufactured by Heuer. Both of these pieces are not only chronographs but also had a tide level indicator and a dial for use in regattas. These were first pieces to combine a chronograph with the sailing focused complications as Heuer had released the Solunar (Tide indicator but no chronograph) in limited run of 1000 on in 1949. What I think is great about the A&F is that if you are not into watches, you probably wouldn't look twice at this once you saw the outfitters name on the dial. However us in the watchfam wouldn't let you out of our sight till you gave us a better look at it!


Two weeks ago Hodinkee announced their collaboration with MB&F with the MB&F Legacy LM101 Hodinkee Edition which is what we see here from jason.fried. Regardless of what you think of the partnership between the two, you must admit that this is one hell of a watch. I'm more partial to the completely wacky timepieces that MB&F create like the Horology Machine 4 but this unique combination of tradition and innovation is sure something. I don't think I've seen a picture yet that does the floating balance wheel justice however Jason does get pretty close with this shot. He does capture the beautiful gloss on both of the sub dials along with the detailed engraving on the main dial. 


What is there to say really? It' a watch submerged in coffee. Let's hope 10ATM of water is the same as two inches of coffee otherwise the movement will be running fast for days! Sometimes it's just as much about a beautiful photograph as it is about the watch, thanks sophisticatedrogue.


Two weeks ago I featured a thoroughly modern Baume and Mercier so it's great to bring it all back round to a classic like this. Wirelug has got himself a really great looking triple date calendar chronograph here in 18kt yellow gold. Whilst I'm still very much in need of a good tool watch, I'm still lusting after a calendar chronograph like this one. If only it was in stainless steel then it would be perfect. Gold just isn't my color.


Rolex Triple Date Moon Phase 8171 WhatsApp: +852-96991000 Email:

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They say that Rolex doesn't make watches like they used to and when you see this Triple date Moonphase from thevintageconcept it's hard to disagree. I think it's a great shame that Rolex, for whatever reason, decided to stop with their stunning dress watches. This piece is incredibly elegant and I like the beautifully aged dial. One thing I'd change about this piece is the bracelet but that's just preference. Put this piece on an alligator strap, throw on a tux and you're ready for a night on the town. As long as that town is Monaco circa 1950.