This Week in Time: 3rd to 9th October


Last week Jaeger LeCoultre released two new watches, the Geophysic True Second and Universal Time  and both were met with huge acclaim by everyone in the watch community. The video here by  equationdutemps showcases perfectly what makes this watch so unique, the dead beat second. Rather than the traditional eight beats per second, the JLC Calibres 770 and 772 beats only once per second allowing much more accurate measurement of time. What makes the Universal Time different to the standard True Second is that it is a world timer with an independent ring of twenty four countries that allows frequent travelers to quickly change time zones. Once again I'm left cursing my pale skin as the Rose Gold piece shown here to stunning but would look dreadful on me. I'll just have to go with the steel then!


Nomos Nomos Nomos, the little watch manufacture that could! There are so many reasons for one to like this German manufacture. Perhaps it's the fact that all of Nomos movements are in-house yet aren't priced to cost the earth? Or maybe it's because they offer multiple sizes on some models for those wanting either a manual-wind or an automatic. You might just be captivated by their imaginative adverts? Whatever the reason Nomos are great and this Orion from thatwatch_guy is a perfect example.  I just love the decorating on the gear train and the traditional German 3/4 plate. The Nomos Orion is certainly one of my favorites in the Nomos range, especially the November Gray Limited Edition that was released last year to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall coming down. 

When the light hits it just right... Nomos Orion saving me from boredom & reading on Utilitarianism. @nomos_glashuette

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I've on a Gerald Genta binge at the moment, everywhere I look I see Polerouters here, Royal Oaks there and now two gorgeous modern Nautilus (Nautiluses? Nautili??) from benrsimon of Windsor Jewelers North Carolina.  The two watches on display are the Ref.5726/1A and the Ref.5712 and it goes to show just have timeless those Genta designs are. Even with a more complex dial, the 5726 having an annual calendar and moonphase and the 5712 a moonphase with power reserve indicator, the Nautilus still remains a clean and elegant as ever. Personally I prefer the simpler 5726 out of the to simply because of the dial symmetry but both of these pieces are gorgeous. 


You don't have spend Patek money to get a cool looking seventies watch as evidenced here by wryst_ryder and his groovy Caravelle set-o-matic. I don't know what is more retro about this piece: The green sunburst dial? The wonderfully dated "o-matic" moniker? The solid steel bangle/bracelet? It all comes together for a great piece. This is one of those pieces that regardless of brand just looks really really cool. From all the photos it also seems to be in great condition which is always a plus. 


This is one modern watch that hits every single note perfectly when trying to emulate a vintage piece. This Jaeger LeCoultre Deep Sea Chronograph taken by amsterdam_armcandy is just gorgeous and a masterclass in chronograph design. The matt Cermet (Part ceramic, part metal mixture) case is just awesome and in my opinion preferably over a glossy ceramic look, especially when it comes to vintage style watches. The retro layout of the subdial numbers might turn off some but for me it just adds another layer of vintage cool to the piece. 


I don't think there is any other company in watchmaking at the moment that intrigues me quite as much as Bamford Watch Department. They take standard Rolex watches and turn them into something otherworldly for example this super matte Sea-Dweller with a black bezel with red highlights. It's just awesome. It's funny how changing adding a little color to the watch really changes the entire look and feel of it, especially when the watches in question are rather conservative Rolex designs to begin with.  I highly recommend going over to their website and seeing the truly unique customizations they have on offer with my personal favorite being the collaboration with Marc Quin on the Red Ocean Orbit Milgauss.  I really want to get know more about their process as it's truly fascinating to me. 


It's very easy to forget just how fortunate most people are, especially when it comes to being able to do simple tasks like telling time.  "Speaking Watches" for the visually impaired are usually pretty  cheap low quality plastic watches, . The Eone Bradley shown here from scroogewatch is world's apart from those, a watch that doesn't require sight to use yet is still a beautiful piece of inventive design. Rather than hands or a voice, you tell time through the two small ball bearings on the open dial that travel around throughout the day. So currently it's showing 4 o'clock on the inner hour dial and what looks like 52 minutes on the outer dial. Accessibility without compromise, I love it!