This Week in Time: 31st October to 6th November


What better picture for Halloween than the very creepy Arachnophobia clock from MB & F with photography by Quillandpad. Whilst this clock comes from a company that has made TIE Fighter music boxes and space station clocks, this is certainly the weirdest thing MB & F have done.  For me what tips it over the edge to downright creepy is the legs. Not stainless steel with straight edges but a unsettling uneven assortment of black lacquer supporting the main body/clock. Wait....did you see it move just then? I swear I saw it move....


Sometimes you have to go back to the time when flying cars were thought to be only years away and that pretty soon we will all be eating food in pill form. This stunning gold Hamilton is courtesy of danchristvent and boy, it sure is swell. I don't know what I love about it more, the stunning dial with those shooting star like lines, the elegant curved lugs or that bracelet. It's such a charming piece that speaks volumes to the era in which is was designed. 


Already thinking about the weekend 😎

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I haven't really spoken at all about SevenFriday on Timepiece Chronicle before and I'm not sure why. You'd think that with their large television like cases and unique dials that it would fan the flames of love I have for seventies watches. This SevenFriday from jazzbass251 is out of this world with the bright green dial and case bezel. I think to have a better understanding on them I'd have to see one in person but from this picture I'm sure I would be a fan.


I will never cease to be amazed at what watch manufacturers can create and also in the ability of those who repair and restore them. Just looking for a few seconds at was zimmermanwatchrepairs will have to do on this Omega 1151 Calibre is mind boggling to me and this is the top of the movement! This calendar with moonphase movement is gorgeous and it is always interesting to see what is going on underneath the dial. The amount of calculations and time that has gone into designing, making and maintaining a movement like this I don't even want to think about.


Stoked to have @mauricelacroix coming to @redbarphilly tonight!

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Whilst I've been aware of Maurice Lacroix for several years now, I still know very little about the company and their watches. Whilst the jewelers I worked for had them in stock they never graced my showroom, probably because their overall look of vintage to modern revival pieces was too similar to that of Longines. This Masterpiece Square Wheel however from thebalancewheel is such a unique piece that it is impossible not to sit up and take notice. The completely individual look of the square wheel, an addition so simple yet complex, is just awesome and is possible through rather tricky math conjured up by people far smarter than I. 


When I was writing my showcase for Theo & Harris last week I had chosen to feature a Hamilton Supercompessor Dive that was on the site. However it sold before I published the article so I quickly had to find another watch on to write about (Not a hard task given their selection). This Hamilton Aqua Date 600 from j0nathan977 is somehow even better than that piece especially with the original bracelet. That crisp silver dial just looks great against the hour markers and the black inner bezel. Now that we are well and truly into Fall I feel I need a big tool watch to tuck under a sweater and if I found one like this then I'd be a very happy man.


On paper Panerai should not be as successful as they are as to the layman most of the designs looks almost identical and their big size looks more suited to hanging round Flavor Flav's neck than being on a wrist. At a glance I would be hard pressed to discern between a luminor, a radiomir and a Radiomir 1940. Then you see a photo like this from figurashdquality and then you start to appreciate why Panerai gets so much love. Everything just seems to work about it. The ultra simple dial, the large curved crown protector, the short lugs and extra straps; it all just works. Perhaps it is the graceful mixture between traditional and modern design, perhaps it is because everything looks better in black and white or perhaps it is just that this is a great photo? Who knows exactly but all I know is that this Panerai looks great.

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