This Week in Time: 10th to 16th October


One of the earliest watches I can remember having was a cheap quartz jump hour from department store. It had no lume, a tiny hour apeture and the cheap base metal case started to fade almost moments after wearing it but boy did I love that watch. Ever since then I've had an appreciation of jump hours and this Sicura from alexjkstevens is just fantastic (Once again I'm drawn to big television shaped seventies watches but I remain unabashed in my love of them). This jump hour is simply gorgeous with a clean legible dial clearly separating the hours (far left), minutes (centre wheel) and date (far right) and I love the multi colored propeller second hand as well. After this watch Sicura will be much nearer the top of my flea market/eBay searching!


Almost a year has gone by since first starting Timepiece Chronicle and yet I don't think I've ever mentioned the Swatch Sistem51. Who would have thought that a relatively cheap plastic watch would have found a home in horophiles the world over? If you go through the Instagram of philterr you'll see Speedmasters, Planet Oceans and the odd Vacheron Constantin as well but also the Sistem51. The watch is just so charming in it's sincerity to bring traditional watch making to the masses that it is almost impossible to not like it. 


On Monday TAG Heuer released this image that is a sneak preview of their TAG Heuer Connected watch that will be displayed in New York City on November 9th of this year. From the picture you can't tell much about the watch as the dial itself is obscured in darkness but for certain we know there is at least one crown on the traditional 3 o'clock side. There doesn't seem to be any bevelled edges that would necessitate easy winding so I'm going to assume this is digital crown similar to the Apple Watch, used for scrolling between screens or pushing in as input. Whilst I'm still on the fence as to the joining of Swiss with Silicon Valley, I'll say that this has certainly got me intrigued. 


The Patek Philippe Ref.96 in this picture by vintagewatchport is a fairly standard looking time only watch from the conservative manufacturer, it's partner to the left however is a whole other story. The Audemars Piguet Disco Volante Dot Dial Sector is For me Disco Volante will always be the name of Emile Largo's ship from Thunderball yet as the translation into english means flying saucer, I think this AP certainly is more faithful to its namesake. It's as if seventies funk travelled back in time to the twenties and stuck a disco ball on top of the Chrysler building. It should be a complete mess but it isn't and I love it. 


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Theo and Harris are an online watch boutique that in just eight months have sold over two hundred watches to ten different countries around the world. Impressive stuff! This Zenith Pilot watch is just gorgeous with a really unique salmon colored dial that is complimented nicely by either the dark leather strap shown here or the green NATO currently on their website.  My first Swiss watch was a Zenith so I'm quite biased but ask anyone and they can tell you just how well revered and respect a Zenith watch is. Not only is this a great looking watch but with a price of just $615 it's quite a steal as well. Head over to to see more of their collection.


Now for a Rolex Submariner dial that is so tropical you need a hawaiian shirt and pina colada with a little umbrella just to look at it. This dial and movement from a Rolex Ref. 16800 was beaten into submission by Floridian salt water over many years leaving it with a severe case of rust and damage. I think the movement is going to need to tender work to make it ticking again but I kinda like the dial how it is. Call me crazy but I just think it's really awesome and totally one of a kind and don't tell me that seeing this tick away on your wrist wouldn't bring a smile to your face! I'm very keen to see what nickgogas does with this piece and what direction restoration will take.

Salt water got the best of this submariner

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When I first met my wife she couldn't stand wine and had little interest in watches. Five years later she is quaffing merlot with the best of them and is more than partial to certain watches.I was very proud when she came home talking about how she spotted a colleague's watch and correctly guess the brand. pnghali is that colleague and this is the watch she spotted, his Jaeger LeCoultre Reserve de marche. JLC are probably one of my favorite manufacturers and calling them a true manufacturer is no exaggeration as they have made well over one thousand different calibres in the course of their 182 year history. I'm not usually a fan of pointer dates but the Reserve De Marche is just such an elegant wristwatch it won me over. Happy Belated birthday for the other day Peter!

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