Editorial Policy

The Objective of Timepiece Chronicle

Through in-depth, passionate and thoroughly researched articles and editorials, Timepiece Chronicle aims to educate our readers about all aspects of watchmaking.

Category Objectives

  • A Conversation With: Interviews on a wide variety of watch related topics with those working in the industry 
  • A Moment in Time: First impressions on a watch that I've only had a few minutes or hours with, along with historical information about that model or brand. 
  • Horological History: Long-form articles that explore a specific watch-related topic. This can include discussing complications, looking at the evolution of a particular watch or highlighting now non-existent brands
  • Inside & Out: In-depth reviews for watches that I have spent a minimum of a week with. 
  • Letter from the Editor: These articles will solely be about information relating to the running of Timepiece Chronicle
  • Opinion: Purely my own opinions on a given watch-related topic that isn't a review or hands-on. 
  • Showcases: Articles that cover a wide range of topics including upcoming auctions, vintage sellers or watch related topics that aren't considered 'news'. 
  • Split Second: Short(er) articles that focus on elements from longer articles that had to be cut in fear of an ever-increasing word count.
  • Watch News: This is where new releases and industry news will be published. Along with relevant information, I do include my own opinion and analysis of the news.

How I conduct product reviews

Timepiece Chronicle is a site primarily about mechanical watches and I will always strive to include as many as possible, though I'll review a quartz watch if I feel it's worth talking about. There is no minimum or maximum price requirements for a watch to be reviewed though I do politely decline review opportunities for watches that I feel aren't suited to the site.

If I was provided a watch for a review, or a prop watch for purely photographic purposes, a disclaimer will be present at the beginning the article explaining how I got this watch, whether I chose from a selection or whether it was the only option and how long I had the watch for. There will always be six words at the end of that disclosure, "This is not a paid review".

I'll be going into more detail about paid/sponsored content below but I'll say here that Timepiece Chronicle will never accept payment in return for a review of a watch and any paid/sponsored content will never look like a review. I want you, the reader, to always know that whatever opinions you are reading in a review are my own, not bought or paid for.

In addition, I will never keep a watch or any accessories after the review is published, as once the review period is up, I return the watch to the brand. If I ever buy a watch that I have previously reviewed on the site, I will write a post about it and let you know. Any subsequent reviews of that watch, any watches in the same family or range, will be accompanied by a disclosure saying that I own something similar. 

When I agree to review a watch for a brand, I will never agree to write only a positive review as I want to be allowed to criticize whatever watch I have with impunity. If that means I don't get sent watches again from that brand then that's something they'll have to deal with. If I feel that a watch will make for a dull or overwhelmingly negative article then I won't review it, as writing a review about a boring watch is as boring as reading it. I'm always searching for the positive when reviewing a watch but if I come across a negative, I will write about it.

Advertising and Sponsored Content

Let's start with the most important part, Timepiece Chronicle will never accept any form of compensation in return for reviews. If and when Timepiece Chronicle publishes sponsored content, it will be disclosed in the opening text and by a 'sponsored' tag at the end of the article. If and when Timepiece Chronicle published sponsored content, the article will have a logical reason why it was sponsored by a certain brand (No history of dress watches from Panerai for example). No sponsored content will read like a review or an endorsement. If proposed sponsored content does not align with the objective of Timepiece Chronicle then it will be rejected.

Advertisements in the sidebar and in the body of the text will always be identified as such. As you browse, certain information is collected which in turn helps me make the site more suited to it's audience and allows better pairing with advertisers you actually want to see. For more information, please read the Timepiece Chronicle Privacy Policy.

If you feel that I haven't declared something well enough then please let me know by emailing info@timepiecechronicle.com



Apart from Store announcement articles, there will never be a featured product from the store in the main body of an article. There are two reasons for this: the aesthetics of the article and editorial distancing. I work very hard in tailoring the placement of images in articles and having an advert for a product would disrupt the flow. We've all had to struggle with obnoxious ads that ruin the enjoyment of an article so rest assured that you won't see any here. I also don't want you to ever think that an article is a glorified 1,000 word ad for a product featured between paragraphs. That's not how I want Timepiece Chronicle to work. The only places you'll see a product from the store are the home page, announcement articles, the sidebar and the store itself.


To provide more distance between the editorial content written under my name, the product announcement articles will be posted under the "Timepiece Chronicle Store” author account. As Timepiece Chronicle is a one-man show, I'll still be the one writing all the articles but I want a clear distinction between the editorial content whose purpose is to inform and the announcement articles whose purpose is to feature products for sale.


This one is a no-brainer for me. There will be a two week moratorium on selling ads that feature brands I'm reviewing. If a review goes live on the 7th, there won't be a new ad for sale featuring that brand from between the 1st to the 14th. I do not want anyone to think that I'm giving a watch a favorable review so an advert can sell easier. There may be times when an existing advert has not sold and will still available for in the store when a review for that brand is published. If that is the case then I will make sure that product is not featured on the sidebar during the two week window.


The sidebar on Timepiece Chronicle is identical across all articles so there will be times where a featured product will be shown alongside an article about the same brand. It would be impossible for me to try and avoid this given the hundreds of articles I've written across several years. For example if you're reading Lost to Time: Gallet Part 1, which was written in February 2016, and there is a framed Gallet ad in the sidebar, please know that it wasn't my intention when writing the article to be selling Gallet ads. If I learn to code worth a damn then I'll try and stop this from happening. 

Events and Trade Shows

In order to write about particular watches or industry news, I may have to attend brand run events. If I have an opportunity to see a new collection or a watch in its intended environment ( A dive watch whilst diving for example) then I'll take that opportunity. By not attending events, I'd be withholding an opportunity from you, the reader, to learn more about a particular watch, collection or brand.

Trade shows such as Baselworld and SIHH are the most important watch events of the year and offer unparalleled opportunities to get hands-on with watches. It's also an opportunity for brands to ply you with free coffee, chocolates, goodie bags, branded apparel and to potentially pay for travel, accommodation and food. I don't think accepting a cup of coffee cheapens my integrity but if I receive any high value gifts, either explicit value or implicit, I shall disclose it.

I shall always disclose at the beginning of the article the manner of which I attended any event and whether I was reimbursed for travel / accommodation / meals.  If I'm invited to 'lifestyle events' by brands (Think Royal Ascot with Longines or Wimbledon with Rolex) then I shall disclose my attendance for the articles about that brand that are published within two weeks of the event. If an invitation came with an obligation to provide positive coverage of an upcoming watch in future articles then I won't go. Simples as that.

Professional Collegiality

Whilst writing for Timepiece Chronicle, I maintain a professional relationship with brands, marketing firms and individuals working within the watch industry.  I love talking with people who share my passion for watches but there is a line between a professional relationship and a friendship and Timepiece Chronicle will never cover or promote anything that crosses that line. 


All photographs or images that have the Timepiece Chronicle logo in the corner were either taken by me or owned by me. If and when I use photography from other sources, I will always aim to attribute the source correctly with a click-through link in the caption when possible.


  • Text in bold and underlined will always contain hyperlinks to either other Timepiece Chronicle articles or exterior sites
  • Text in italics will be used to emphasize certain passages for emphasis and creative effect 
  • "Text in Italics within quote marks" will always be a direct quote from the source mentioned in the text